"The human heart longs as a hungry man longs for bread, for spiritual food.  It longs for that which will make it whole, and I think that's what our teaching can do -reveal the Self to the self."

~Dr. Ernest Holmes


Dear Ones,
You deserve to live your dream now, today, not in some future far off time.

There is a gap between where we are…and where we want to be.  Join us to learn spiritual tools that can close that gap.

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, you are welcome at Spiritual Living of Greater Milwaukee, where we teach the Science of Mind, and so much more.

Join our diverse spiritual community to experience a positive, spiritual approach to life using the philosophy of the Science of Mind, the teachings of Jesus and the great spiritual literature of the world.  We empower you to live the life you dream and to experience the kingdom of God within.

Add your light to ours.

Wishing you health, wisdom, happiness and prosperity in 2015 and always.

With love and respect,
Dr. Lisa.

Community Vision Statement:
We empower lives by learning, living and teaching the golden thread of Truth!

Our Mission Statement:
We inspire a positive approach to a lifetime of spiritual growth.
We celebrate our diversity and recognize our unity.
Be the One who makes a difference!



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